Artist Statement

LIGHTART BERLIN represents Fine Art photographer Johannes Walther.

Faszinated by the potentiality of photographic fiction, he investigates the borders of the medium. It is where the image as a mirror of reality merges to the non-representational.
His visual concept discovers concealed light phenomena, extracts novel visual dimensions and generates spiritual spaces.

In his pictures he explores the area of tension regarding an aesthetic oriented Abstract Photography.

Johannes Walther lives in Berlin, Germany. He works wherever light attracts him.


Born in 1980, German Democratic Republic.
Diploma of Geography and Spatial Science, University of Leipzig, 2012.
Since 2011 freelance photographer.


2018 GESTE Paris, France

2018 International Photo Awards, Honorable Mention (Professional), Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles, USA

2018 48 Stunden Neukölln "Neue Echtheit", Berlin

2018 FORMAT Portfolio Review, Derby, UK

2018 Fine Art Photography Awards 2018

2017 Monochrome Awards Winners' Gallery, Honorable Mention (Professional), London, UK

2014 Portfolio Review, Freundeskreis des Hauses der Photographie e.V., Deichtorhallen Hamburg

2013 Leipzig Young Contemporary, group exhibition, Leipzig