Project Statement

If one thinks about photography, which has become inflationary in the meantime, one gets the impression that everything has already been photographed. The value of the associated images atomizes. And there is the question of the right to exist, the remaining significance of photography.


What irritates at first glance - a possibly too fast classification in already seen - leads in the second to an unsuccessful comparison with known images. Here a first field of tension between visually expectable and the own Bildgedächtnis reveals. Even a size-dimensional classification does not come without the view and the picture experience of the recipient.

At the same time, the minimalistically formulated series leads to a further process of inner consideration: What prevails? The inner search for references or the meditative character of the pictures evoked by the reduced motifs?


The series thus plays on the one hand with visual expectations, on the other hand, however, these photographs also show that the aesthetics of the atmospherical with visual metaphors is fundamentally thinkable and feasible.


The seen remains as a beautiful mystery.


The Series INNER COSMICS was nominated in International Photo Awards 2018 (USA) in the category Fine Art : Abstract, Professional.



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